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We offer individual, group, and workshop programs for kids ages 6-14 years old. 

Life coaching for kids is about mindset development!
Benefits of our programs…
  • A fun and engaging life coaching program for kids to teach them mindset skills and life skills to soar!

  • Build sensational self-confidence and soaring self-esteem.

  • Engaging goal setting, visualization and action plan coaching.

  • Help kids to know how to handle the ups and downs of growing up without getting down on themselves.

  • Help kids to learn how to think for themselves, make good decisions, and stand up to peer pressure.

  • Coaching kids on how to handle mistakes and disappointments without giving up on themselves.​​

  • Help kids to embrace their uniqueness.

  • Give kids the best chance of being ready for middle school and their teenage years!

2021 NEWS!!
Build Your Own Workshop
**Workshops at our location, at a location near you or virtually!**

Workshops can be offered in multiple or singular session options.


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Private Coaching Sessions are available and a 30 minute complimentary call can be booked.

“Empowered kids grow into resilient teenagers and adults.”

Kids learn to use the power of their mind and the power of their thoughts to create happiness, confidence, and to be leaders of their own life by taking responsibility for their journey. 
Coaching Kids 4 Success is all about empowering kids through mindset development. Our coaching program for kids is based on the globally recognized curriculum WISDOM System for Coaching Kids from Adventures in Wisdom. Our approach is child-centered and solution-based. 
There are 5 coaching programs that teach kids 27 powerful mindset skills for creating happiness, confidence, and success now and for the rest of their lives. Our programs are result-oriented and designed for kids ages 6-14. They are easy, fun, and meant to create long-lasting change.

Wisdom System for Coaching Kids

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Mind Power Program

Children learn about the power of their minds and why they achieve what they believe. They will learn how to wire their minds for happiness, confidence, and success in life.

Inner Power Program

Children develop their inner compass! They will learn to think for themselves, make good decisions, and stand up to peer pressure – so they can say “No!” to their peers and “Yes!” to themselves.

Me Power Program

Children will develop soaring self-esteem and high self-confidence that doesn’t rise and fall with the ups and downs of life. They will learn specific skills to handle challenges and disappointments, so they can feel good about themselves – no matter what comes their way!

Dream Power Program

Children create a vision for their lives, so they live with intention versus drifting through life. They also develop goal setting skills and learn how to use the Law of Attraction tools, visualization, affirmations, and gratitude to “program” their mind for success.

Slaying Dragons Program

Children learn to overcome obstacles and manage the ups and downs of growing up.  They learn to manage fear and move past failure, by putting it in a box, learning from it, and letting it go. Children will learn to embrace change, so that the fear of the unknown doesn’t hold them back.  And, they will learn to break through conditional thinking and go for their dreams.

We love our kids, but we can’t “give” them high self-confidence, soaring self-esteem or coping skills to get through life’s difficult situations. We CAN provide them tools and resources to help them develop these mindset skills on their own.


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