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  • Why Hire a Child Life Coach?
    Coaching Kids 4 Success helps children learn how to manage life’s events, every day challenges, mistakes, disappointments, as well as, develop high self-esteem and self-confidence and so much more. Children will learn the life skills necessary to help them bounce back from set-backs and stay focused on their goals. They will learn how to stretch outside of their comfort zones and go for their dreams! Are you ready to empower to your child? Coaching Kids 4 Success is what will help your child develop skills to thrive in life. The coaching sessions are designed to help them feel “empowered in life.” They learn to take positive action towards their own successes. Some common reasons to work with a certified WISDOM CoachTM are: Kids are struggling with low self-esteem – getting down on themselves If there is big change – such as a move, new school, or divorcing parents When kids are struggling with confidence, shyness, or anxiety – shying away from new experiences If kids are making poor choices with peers. Kids are struggling in completing homework or other responsibilities Need a jumpstart in developing self-leadership All kids deserve to feel empowered and Wisdom coaching can help them achieve that in their lives.
  • Isn’t That My Parenting Job?
    Life coaching for children goes beyond the traditional parenting roles of moral and character development, and it goes beyond learning how to treat others and learning how to behave. Many children need greater support in the areas of coping skills, self-confidence, making good decisions, overcoming mistakes, dealing with bullies, and so much more. Life coaching is not counseling. And, most definitely doesn’t mean that you aren’t a great parent. It simply means that you need a partner to help your child succeed.
  • Why are stories so powerful?
    Stories have been used since the beginning of time, in every country and every culture, to pass along traditions and to teach morals. Stories are powerful learning tools because they make us think...and they make us feel. They imprint a picture in our mind and a feeling in our heart. This creates an experience and helps us understand. Stories have the power to transform, inspire, and to shape how we feel about ourselves and what is possible for our lives. They are a powerful way to connect with children and their FUN! Stories are a great tool for starting conversations with kids. Stories help children get in touch with thoughts and feelings without putting them on the spot or embarrassing them. Stories enable children to “learn without lecture.” Through the stories, children get to see the skills in action. That opens the door for them to apply the skills to their own situations. Stories are a wonderful refresher tool when kids are learning a new skill.
  • What's the difference between coaching kids vs adults?
    Coaching kids is different from coaching adults. Kids brains are different than adults. Their frontal lobes are not fully developed nor are their critical reasoning skills. As a result, coaching kids requires a stronger teaching component to help them learn these powerful mindset skills. With a coach’s guidance, kids can then learn how to apply the skills to their own lives. And of course, children’s attention span tends to be a lot shorter as well — which is why it is important to find fun and engaging ways to work with kids. And, that is why story-based coaching is such a powerful tool for coaching kids!
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